Daily metric tracking with ggplot2

In my role I have to produce a lot of run charts and control charts for monthly data, but sometimes there are processes behind the run charts that merit looking at the data on a daily basis. It can become impractical to start producing run charts split by day across... [Read More]

Intro to ggplot2

Here is the link to a ggplot2 demo I presented at the InveRness RUG last week : intro to ggplot2 It’s in ioslides (html) format, for best viewing press F on your keyboard for full screen, and toggle widescreen on/off with the W key. It’s for beginners /... [Read More]

Chart MakeoveR

Working out with (geom) dumbbells

The following chart appeared on my Twitter feed last week: There is quite a lot of information on there, but bar charts are not perhaps the best choice for visualising data over time. This is not to be critical - it gets a lot of data... [Read More]