Even Simpler SQL

I’ve had some feedback on the last post, and rather than repeat the same thing multiple times, I’m going all @drob, and writing this instead.. When I tweeted out the link to my post I gave it the tag line “why I’d rather write dplyr than SQL”. What I... [Read More]

backed by data

Minimising risk of delayed departure

This post is an attempt to answer this question: https://community.rstudio.com/t/how-to-answer-a-question-without-statistical-tests-but-is-backed-by-data/3711 It was a pretty interesting question, and I had an initial stab at providing an answer, but the charts I submitted were not the best looking, shall we say ( it was a late night rush job). So, I’m going... [Read More]

Theory free tidyeval

Getting our feet wet with dplyr programming

I’ve been putting off trying to suss out dplyr’s tidy evaluation for a long time, but I’ve been experimenting a bit with it so just making some notes here. It’s hard to talk about tidy evaluation / Non Standard Evaluation without getting into a whole load of theory, but I’m... [Read More]

Enter Sa(n)dMan

Yet more Metalliplots I’m just going to tidy up some issues from my last post where I did some tidytext analysis on the legendary rockers - Metallica. It was a fun way to pass some time and keep my hand in with text mining, something I still don’t seem... [Read More]