data.table by a dummy

very brief intro notes

I like dplyr I’ve used data.table in the past, though didn’t persevere with it enough. My happy safe space is dplyr & ggplot2. I love these packages and use them almost every time I use R. Every so often , I see mentions of cool data.table features and it... [Read More]

A wee look at group_map and group_split in dplyr

Dplyr 0.8.0 launched recently, which you probably already know, but just in case you missed it.. Two new functions have been catching my eye : group_map and group_split. The aim of this post - take a first look at these and try and get a new blog post up on... [Read More]

gganimation for the nation

gganimate hits CRAN

At the NHS_R conference back in October, I showed a few ways of building animations using gifski - I also wrote up the method I used in an earlier post right here. And, the source code for all this stuff is available from my github here. However -... [Read More]

Twins on the up

Are multiple births on the increase? My twin boys turned 5 years old today. Wow, time flies. Life is never dull, because twins are still seen as something of a novelty, so wherever we go, we find ourselves in conversation with strangers, who are intrigued by the whole thing.... [Read More]

Automatic (slides) for the people

Creating and saving multiple plots to Powerpoint At the NHS R conference we delivered a session on animating patient flow. This started with a single plot showing all patient movements, and then I demonstrated the ability to create a faceted plot. But, with many different areas, and a small... [Read More]

Thoughts on the NHS-R conference

It’s been a few weeks since the first NHS-R conference was held in Birmingham. I co-presented a couple of workshops with Neil Pettinger on visualising patient flow, covering the following importing from Excel (and connecting to SQL Server) dplyr ggplot2 & plotly ... [Read More]

Where am I?

Notes on the here package

The here package is pretty simple ( only 3 functions), but I keep messing things up when I try to create paths with it, so this is my aide-memoire. It might be useful for others too. Here finds the root of your current folder / working directory. If you use... [Read More]