I am not a business, I am not selling anything, I do not have a mailing list. I don’t know who you are.

Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to track the number of visitors.
Data collected via GA is aggregated and anonymised - including IP addresses - so I have no way of knowing who has visited. Unless you say “Hi” via Twitter or Disqus, which would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

You can opt out of Google Analytics.


There is a Disqus plug-in enabled to allow folk to leave comments. Disqus is the data controller so please go here to view Disqus’s privacy policy.

Social Media

I’ve disabled social media share buttons on the site.


You should have seen a prompt upon entering the site allowing you to accept or decline cookies. As above - the only cookies I’m aware of are via Google Analytics and Disqus if you’re signed up and /or logged in to that. In addition, the following cookies may be set on your machine when you visit:


The site is routed through Cloudflare’s servers to enable it to be rendered securely via https.

Bootstrap and FontAwesome

Both of these are baked into the site and control the appearance (Bootstrap) and fonts (FontAwesome). Like Cloudflare, these are delivered via CDN to enable fast download speeds regardless of where you are in the world. These are pretty much essential services for the site.

Site architecture

This site is a static site, served via GitHub pages. That means most of the content (apart from the highly necessary gifs) is either text or images. There is no database in the background logging information.